The word “moxie” appeared in American culture in the late 1800’s.  Originally a medicine created by Dr. Augustin Thompson in 1876 called “Moxie Nerve Food”, Moxie became the brand name of a soda when Thompson added soda water to the elixir.  By 1884, he was selling his soda both in bottles and as soda fountain syrup.

Thompson marketed the soda as “a delicious blend of bitter and sweet, a drink to satisfy everyone’s taste”.   With a little advertising, the company brand created the word “moxie” which now more commonly means “courage, daring, or spirit”, as in “She’s got moxie!”

Good Moxie - Leap of Faith

To me, Moxie is that intangible “thing”, that combination of heart and spirit that allows one to live with courage and meaning. Rooted in the heart, Moxie is what answers the call of a challenge by standing tall and saying, “I can make it happen”.

Like the original advertising of the soda, people with moxie are a delicious blend of bitter and sweet. Thus, they are the bold, sassy people in our lives.  The ones who see things differently and are willing to take risks to push onward, outward and upward.

This page, Good Moxie, is an open space to share stories and insights with people who feel “stuck”, but are afraid of change. Through the telling of our stories, we lend support to those who feel alone.  We can truly help others find their way by simply living a good life and showing what is possible.

The goal of Good Moxie is to help people see life from a different perspective. Hopefully with that “shift”, new thoughts can emerge that will help seekers work toward a new way of being .

With courageous wings – Leap!

Good Heart + Courageous Spirit = Good Moxie