I am clearly in the process of finding my “why”.

I met a friend for dinner recently.  After a little chat about the kids and work, she leaned back and said, “Tell me what you’re doing”.

I realized quickly that I didn’t know where to begin. Unorganized in my thoughts,  I rambled about projects, flying and ideas on life.

I could talk to her all day about stuff that I am doing in my life.

I’m doing all kinds of things…

But, I guess the big question is –


As I was driving home that night, I remembered of a famous quote by Amelia Earhart on life and living.  It goes like this:

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act,

the rest is merely tenacity”

                                                                                                                                                                                              (Amelia Earhart)

That quote resonates with me.

But, making the decision to do something (taking the leap) isn’t always the hardest part.

 For me, the hardest part has been picking myself up, brushing myself off and finding the will to try again.

That is tenacity.

However, my best leaps were found when I could focus on serving a purpose.  I think that it is “purpose” that allows one to have “tenacity”. Having a higher purpose always made my wings stronger during the free fall of a leap and helped me survive the inevitable crashes.

One can find courage in order to act but one must also find purpose to succeed.

Finding my "why". Edge of a mountain range with a billboard that reads "WHY?"

Taking the leap is not always the hardest part.

When we choose to make changes in life,  whatever they are, a clear intention and being able to articulate “the why” makes “going-for-it” a whole lot easier. It is good enough, even if the answer to “why” is simply “because I love it”.   As we move into the uncomfortable space of possibility, more often than not, we don’t find purpose, but purpose finds us.  Indeed it takes focus and tenacity to build wings during a free fall, but it is purpose that gives them their strength.  That strength, thus emboldens the spirit to persevere when hitting life’s rocks.  Knowing  “why” allows us to pick ourselves up, climb that mountain and leap again.  Over and over and over…

As we move into the uncomfortable space of possibility…  purpose finds us.

My friend gave me a useful gift at dinner that night.  She made me aware that I hadn’t spent much time distilling my current activities, like flying or this blog, into clear intentions.  I’m doing all kinds of things… but why?

Right now, I have no clear reason or purpose other than – I love it and therefore, I’d love to share it.

That’s it.

However, in general, it’s good to be able to communicate these things:

  • who you are
  • what you are doing
  • and for whom you are doing it

…with everyone in life, from clients to coworkers, strangers to friends, and oneself.

 Most importantly, take time to stop now and then to really ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing in your life.

You may be surprised.

I am grateful for my friends. Especially the ones who can ask great questions. Because of this experience, I worked on my “Elevator Pitch”.

If you haven’t heard of an elevator pitch, google it, and you’ll find lots of articles to help you create one.

I used this one:

I think it’s going to come in handy.

So, next time you see me, ask me what I’m doing!

Leap. Fall. Hit the rocks. Rebuild your wings. Leap again.