Making saucepan style coffee is one of my favorite daily routines.

Most times, I have my keto supplies on hand at home to make bulletproof keto coffee.

 But when I travel, I can’t always bring “my stuff”.

I make room for my coffee and I’ve been known to pack my french press as well.

I’m okay with a bare bones delicious cup of Joe.

Years ago, I learned the saucepan coffee brewing style from a friend of my brother’s.

Originally from the Czech Republic, she was taught to make coffee this way.

All you need is coffee, water and a saucepan.

However, if you want to be assured of having a grinds-free mug of coffee, then you need a simple filter too.

Indeed, it is a pretty simple and sure-fire method of brewing and making some badass coffee!

Saucepan Style Bulletproof Keto-Coffee

Saucepan Style Keto Coffee

Preparing the Coffee – Saucepan Style

First, bring a medium sized sauce pan of water just close to a boiling.

Then, turn off the heat.

Immediately add 3-4 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee to the pan.

Stir briefly to release the beautiful, velvety thick, reddish-brown foam called crema.

Finally, let the brew rest.

Bulletproof Keto Coffee Ingredients

While the coffee is “resting”, prepare the Keto-Mix in a favorite mug.

Stir together:

One Tablespoon of organic cacao

Two Tablespoons of MCT Oil

1 Tsp of salted Ghee

1/2 Tsp (or less) of Monk Fruit or Stevia Sweetener – optional

Mix, Sip and Enjoy a Bulletproof Day

Start thinking about drinking the brew after the coffee grounds have had a chance to settle at the bottom of the pan.

Sometimes I am able to decant the coffee directly from the pan,

but most times I transfer the coffee through a strainer into a teapot with a cozy.

Pour the decanted coffee into the Keto-prepared mug and enjoy!!


The love the ritual of making a beautiful cup of coffee to start my day.

It doesn’t have to be made in the most expensive, fancy machine.

I am a coffee snob, so I have risen above all of the gadgets.

Without a doubt, a well made, rich, black cup of coffee is simply a life pleasure for me.

When I find myself in a friend’s kitchen where a coffeemaker is absent, I have had to think twice about the company I am keeping.

 As to not strain a friendship, I just ask “Do you have a saucepan?”

Since I bring my own coffee…. No worries.

Thus, I am always off to a good day. 

Saucepan Style Bulletproof Keto-Coffee

Daily Resolution. Wake up and make it happen.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flying Through Life~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~